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My name is Mathijs Mulder-Barge and I am a Tantric Sexologist.

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Hi, my name is Mathijs Mulder-Barge and I am a Tantric Sexologist.

As a Tantric Sexologist, I offer trauma-informed, holistic therapy in the area of sexuality and relationships. I help you reconnect to your innate (body)wisdom, pleasure, and power.   

My philosophy is that to be fully open to the love and pleasure you have in you, you need to equally work with your trauma and shadows. It is simply not possible to tap into your full potential when there is still a lot of tension in your body and mind.

Sessions with me focus on gradually uncovering who you are beyond your trauma stories and conditioning. We start by mapping out your timeline and what areas of life are important for you to focus on.

The rest of our sessions are a blend of working with your conditioning and body wisdom while introducing you to tantric sexuality and conscious relating. 

My role is that of a guide in your process, where I offer tools, techniques, and practices necessary for you to be in tune with your body, pleasure,  and power. Ultimately, the 'goal' is for you to be able to step into the world authentically, relaxed, and with confidence. 

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