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About me

Like many stories, mine is one with ups and downs. In my early teens, I didn't know how to fit in, I was bullied, slipped into a depression, and suffered from social anxiety. My strategy became to adjust myself so that I would be accepted. At some point, I was successful in the sense that I owned a house, had a career, and a partner, but I wasn't happy. My rock bottom was when my partner at the time broke up with me. I had adjusted myself so much, to please others' needs, that I didn't know who I was anymore. 

That is where my healing journey started, bit by bit reclaiming my sense of self and identity. Everything speeded up when I did a 10-day silent retreat in 2015. It led to me quitting my corporate job and moving to Mexico to study yoga and meditation. Over the last decade, I have traveled to different communities and teachers to study tantra, esotery, emotional hygiene, embodiment, trauma awareness, shadow work, and sexuality. It is a journey that taught me to not compromise on my integrity and authenticity and to show up in the world as the powerful leader that I am. 

Currently, my family is my priority, spending time with my beautiful wife and son. Aside from that, my own healing journey inspires me to help others step into their authentic pleasure, power, and leadership. As a Tantric Sexologist, I work with your trauma timeline, shadow work, tantric sexuality, and relational skills to realize exactly this. I am also one of the main teachers at the Tantric Sexology education in Copenhagen, where we dedicate ourselves to creating a world, where holistic, trauma-informed sexuality is normal.

My timeline

2023-Present Visionary and facilitator at the Tantric Sexology Education in Copenhagen

2022-2023 Managing director at New Eden retreat center in the Netherlands

2023  Level 1 and 2 at The New Tantra

2021-2023 Studying Tantric Sexology at Human Evolutionary Academy in Copenhagen

2020-2023 Founder of Triple Earth, from where I offered interim management solutions on a senior management level

2021 Amatista retreat center in Lanzarote

2019-2020 Heart IQ Awakened living program and 90 day challenge at New Eden retreat center in the Netherlands

2017 10 day dark retreat at the Hermitage, Guatamala

2016-2018 Center Manager for Hridaya Yoga in Mazunte, Mexico.

2016 500hr Yoga teacher training at Hridaya Yoga in Mazunte, Mexico

2015-2019 Attending and hosting Hridaya Silent meditation retreats, in total spending 100+ days in silence.

2015-2021 Studying different esoteric teachings with Senia and Freya Melchizedek at One Conscious Academy. 

2007-2019 Working in Supply Chain/retail environments in different roles.

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